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    What is the role of the faucet bubbler?




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    What is the role of the faucet bubbler?

    Not all faucets have bubblers, but generally better faucets will have this structure. The main function of the bubbler is to prevent the water from spreading, so that the water flow is relatively straight, and the intuitive feeling is that the small bubbles are hit on the hand, and there is no splashing everywhere. In addition, it has a certain water saving function.

    The bubbler of many brand products has a certain filtering effect, which can filter the particulate impurities in the tap water. If the water quality in the area is not good, the tap water will gradually decrease, and the bubbler can be turned on to restore the normal after washing. A good bubbler is made of high quality stainless steel mesh and can be seen.

    When purchasing, it is best to choose a faucet with a bubbler. The water flow is soft and foaming (the bubble content of the water flow) is rich, indicating that the bubbler is of good quality. The bubbler generally consists of six layers, usually consisting of a metal mesh cover (partially plastic). When the water flows through the mesh cover, it is cut into a large number of small water columns with air in between, so that the water does not splash around.