Pay attention to those aspects when purchasing faucets




Addtime2018-08-09 16:50:12

1, look at the material, generally according to the quality level of the order: titanium alloy products, copper chrome products, stainless steel chrome products, aluminum alloy chrome products, iron chrome products and so on.

2, durable, faucet is durable, the surface treatment process is very important, good faucet is subjected to acid high temperature test, more than 4 hours intact, in addition, due to the internal structure is reasonable, good faucet is not easy to have dripping and damage, with hundreds of thousands It can still be manipulated after the secondary switch.

3, humanization, with the continuous improvement of kitchen faucet production technology, product design has become more and more humane. For those kitchens with large space, customary water cleaning, spray-like, and innovative fun, there are also 360-degree rotating, pull-out nozzles, straight/nozzle conversion, and more flexible models. Changed product.

4, easy to clean, kitchen oil is heavy and damp, when working, it will use the hand with grease and dirt to open the faucet and stain the faucet, so it is best to choose a product that is not stained with oil and easy to scrub. This has a lot to do with the shape and plating of the faucet. Generally, the faucet with complicated shape and varied lines is easy to keep clean and dead corners. The surface of the faucet with thin coating and low hardness is easy to be blacked out and cleaned.