There are several ways to open the faucet.




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Household faucets are generally divided into three categories: single-hole, double-hole, and three-hole. When consumers purchase, they mainly choose according to their actual needs. So, what are the differences between the three openings? Let's take a look at the Dongsheng bathroom below.

Single hole: Since two thin hoses are used to connect to one tap, the amount of water is limited. This hot and cold single-hole faucet is common in the high-nozzle faucet of the kitchen basin.

Double holes: mostly integrated water mixers, common products. The shape is simple and generous, and it is convenient to adjust the heat and cold. Generally, raise or press the handle to adjust the water volume, and adjust the water temperature to the left and right according to the indication mark. Very suitable for general household use. These faucets recommend the selection of high quality ceramic valves for extended service life. The two-hole faucet can also be fitted with a one-piece faucet that is tuned separately.

Three holes: also known as the "separate" washbasin mixer. The shape is noble and generous, suitable for large countertops and large washbasins. The occupied place is larger than the above single hole and two holes, and the installation is slightly more complicated. One-handed operation is slightly inconvenient to adjust the temperature. But at the same time, the water is discharged, the amount of water is large, and the water can be filled in a short time.