Advantages of the telescopic faucet




Addtime2018-08-09 16:43:31

The telescopic faucet is a utility faucet comprising a faucet body, and the rocker arm is movably connected to the faucet body through a sleeve screw, and one end of the sleeve screw is fixed on the rocker arm by a screw connection, and the other end is sealed. a snap ring of a ring and a restricted position, which inserts the sealing ring end on the faucet body and is fixed by a decorative nut, and at the other end of the rocker arm, a water outlet arm is movably connected through a sleeve screw, and a water outlet is provided at a top end of the water outlet arm The design realizes horizontal and vertical expansion and contraction of the faucet in the horizontal direction by the mutual rotation of the socket, thereby meeting the special use requirements of the people.

The main advantage is that it can be washed at will, and occasionally it is convenient to clean small places around. Good maintenance, good quality and cheap, easy to wash vegetables, with the above basin is very fashionable and practical.