Hot and cold water tap installation method




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In general, it is better to install a faucet for a professional hydropower master, but if you have a certain ability, you can replace it yourself. Dongsheng Sanitary Reminder: Pay attention to the safety when installing the faucet.

Before installation, everyone should first prepare the tools that may be used. One tool will be used: wrenches and waterproof tapes. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the hot and cold water faucet parts are complete. Common faucet parts are: hoses and glues. Washers, showers, water, kidnappers, decorative caps, etc.

Hot and cold water faucets are used in bathing. When installing, check which side is cold water and which side is hot water. Generally, hot water is left on the left and cold water is on the right side. After the upper part, use a waterproof tape to wrap the joint a few times to avoid water leakage, then screw the faucet on the interface, tighten with a wrench, open the switch to check the direction of the hot and cold water, and the water flow is normal without leaking. In addition, the shower should be adjusted according to the height of the use. The vertical hand shower is more used now, the height is generally 2050-2200mm; the ceiling active shower height is generally 2100-2300mm.

Nowadays, many people in the kitchen sinks will also be equipped with hot and cold water faucets to prevent frostbite in winter. The installation of the hot and cold water faucet in the sink is relatively simple. Generally there are two hoses. We put the copper buckle and a rubber pad into the two hoses first, then put one end of the two tubes from the sink. Put it out in the hole, then put the rubber pad into the hose and put the wire into it. Then take the faucet and screw the pipe to the faucet. The copper wire should also be screwed. Finally, put it into the hole of the sink, and tighten it with a copper buckle to fix the faucet smoothly. Then connect the two pipes to the water outlet. Remember to distinguish which tube the hot and cold water is when you pick it up, otherwise it will be inconvenient to use later.